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I hired Martha when I moved from my 1,000 SF interior design office space back home into a 120 SF space, that is 10' x12'. I had been in my office for over ten year. One can imagine how much stuff I had accumulated over the years. Martha had worked with a client of mine and came highly recommended. To say the least, this was a daunting challenge for me. I am an interior designer and can easily design space, but to decide what I would give away, what would I keep and how could I possibly fit everything into my office space and the small basement area I was using for my library, was completely overwhelming.

My husband tried to help out, but it was so emotional for me that I needed someone unrelated to me who would guide me gently but firmly through the process. Martha was beyond wonderful. Martha worked with me over three 3 hour sessions, helping me sort through everything and then helping me put the shelves together and put everything away. I absolutely love my new space. All of the design books are in the right place, I have space for client binders and their boxes with materials, two printers, two computers and I even have space for the dog!

I am hoping to have Martha come back this Spring to help me get rid of things I couldn't part with last year, but am ready to live without this year. In addition, Martha has been a wonderful resource for me and my work. I have referred to several clients who also love working with her and have her come back again and again. She is a gem.

—Christina Oliver, Interior Designer, Newton, MA

I engaged Martha Willis to help organize my kitchen after a renovation. When she started, the contents of my kitchen were in the dining room, in boxes. She very efficiently put the kitchen together. All of her decisions in placing the contents into drawers and cabinets made a lot of sense. I have not rearranged anything in the kitchen since Martha organized it for me.

I was so pleased, that I asked Martha to help organize my master bedroom closet. Not only did we rearrange all of my things, but she suggested that I purchase new hangers to bring some visual clarity to the space. Again, I continue to maintain Martha's organization of the closet and enjoy looking at my clothes!

We then moved on to the guest room. I asked Martha to arrange a huge bookcase filling it with many items that belong to my daughter. Martha managed to create a beautiful space that guests can enjoy viewing. Yet, it is filled with personal items from my daughter's childhood.

She also adhered a very intricate decal to a huge wall space in the bedroom. It took many hours and much patience.

Martha is a delight to work with. She has a very calm demeanor and approaches a task with a lot of commonsense. She is extremely mature and very warm. I continue to work with Martha. Currently, she is the wedding organizer for my daughter's upcoming wedding.

— Ronnie H., Brookline, MA

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