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Helping individuals and families solve their organizing challenges

Our Process

Initial Phone Conversation & On-Site Consultation

This initial phone consultation takes less than 30 minutes. This first step determines what your needs are, the results you hope to achieve, and how Spilled Milk Organizing can help you.

What is your organizing goal?

What does being organized look like to you?

Since each person's situation is unique, it is critical to get a clear picture of where you are and where you are headed before taking a step forward. After the initial phone conversation we schedule a 30 minute on-site consultation. We come to your location so we can meet you and see your situation.

The purpose is to identify and define your organizing challenges and goals. Spilled Milk Organizing will also photograph and measure the space to be organized to assist in the implementation process.

Implementation Process

To start, we discuss the area you would like to organize to determine what items are still useful in your life and what is better off given away. Then together, we organize your space to enhance the way you want to live or work - organized and efficient without useless clutter.

Follow-Up and Evaluation

Once an organizing system is in place and the client has an opportunity to "test" the system, it is important to evaluate how the system is working. Within 30 days of the final implementation, Spilled Milk Organizing will provide a free 30 minute follow-up and evaluation session.

References Available Upon Request.

Martha Willis

Professional Organizer

Boston, Massachusetts

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